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2nd floor, Arihant bungalow, #1,
Aranyeshwar Padmavati Rd,
next to Datey bus stop, Sahakar Nagar,
Pune, Maharashtra 411009

Call: 9422518694


Sangali (vita)

No.1, 1st Floor, Nabilal Complex,
Shivaji Chowk, Near Ganpati Mandir,
Hanmant Bazar, Vita- 41531

Call: 02347276435


Satara (Karad)

Office No.2, Ground floor Datta chowk,
Badiyani Complex, Konyanpur,
Karad- 415110

Call: 02164221545


Investment advisory – Number of complaints – Oct, 2022
At the begining of the month Received during the month Resolved during the month Pending at the end of the month Reasons for pendency
0 0 0 0 N/A